Bow Toes

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Bow Toes.

The original ribbon shoelaces in South Africa. 

Crafted by hand. Elements sourced in South Africa. 

About Us

Bow Toes allows you to personalise your favourite pair of lace-ups. Good quality shoes that have seen a couple of miles can be given a new life with crisp, clean ribbon laces. Trendy, fashionable kicks can be personalised and made to be one-of-a-kind by adding scarf laces. Warn-out sneakers can be the cherry on top of a fun outfit with a interesting limited edition prints.

Ribbon shoelaces are not a necessity, but they can make bigger shoes feel more feminine, they are an adorable gift and sometimes they just make you smile.

Laces are available with the following options:


Baby Bows(<1m)

Short (1.m) 

Medium (1.2m) 

Standard (1.4m) 

Long (1.6m)

Customers can contact 

for custom lengths.


Standard width – 25mm 

Slimline – 13mm


Thermoplastic :
Clear, Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow

Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, vintage

colours / prints

Plain colours vary. 

Prints: Snakeskin, Zebra, Giraffe, Leopard, Peacock

Floral (light blue, dark blue, autumn)

Artist prints